The International Newsletter/Magazine print letter has been published by Kedar M. Misani from January 1976 to December 1982 as one-man venture, published in Zurich, Switzerland. A few remaining copies and a full linen bound edition is available for sale from the author. Please contact me through this blog by sending a comment on this page.

This Blog serves as an archive of the scene of fine art photography, mainly in black and white, from interviews with photographers and the presentation of their portfolios to news, dates and prices of photographic prints sold and collected by private and corporate institutions and individuals.

After publishing informations and selected pictures of the published 41 issues I might consider presenting fine photographers and their work of recent times after a time lapse of 35+ years!

Kedar M. Misani, January 2015

Kedar M. Misani – 2014


One thought on “About

  1. Gerald Van Der Kaap January 10, 2017 / 8:06 am

    Hi from Amsterdam!,

    Nice surprise to come around this archive! I was looking for an old text that I once wrote for Print Letter. Title: “Die holländische Photoszene, Holland: Photography scene needs change.” It was printed in Print Letter No. 38. March/April 1982.

    Just know a book has been published about photography criticism in The Netherlands : “Tussen kunst en document: Fotografiekritiek in Nederland 1980-2015”. I mentioned the article that I wrote to the authors, but I think they never managed to find and/or read it.

    And somehow I can’t find the issue in my archives 😦

    Is this issue still available? Or can you send me a scan? I think it’s ‘actual’ now – once again…


    Gerald Van Der Kaap


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